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Ancestry Treats

Ancestry provides the hearty nutrition of a diet passed down to your pet through the ages. Each portion reflects the food your pet’s forefathers consumed, fulfilling their naturally evolving needs.

Aqualuk Treats

A cold water fish formula in a healthy, baked grain free treat.

Lean Treats

A cold water fish formula in a healthy, baked grain free treat.

Salcha Treats

A poultry formula in a healthy, baked grain free treat.

Grain Free Crunch

Crafted with real chicken, turkey or pork for protein plus antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies, these Grain Free treats are loaded with flavor and have a light crunch dogs simply love.

Grain Free Meaty Bites

Raw, freeze-dried meat treats infused with real fruit or vegetables you can see! Just simple, whole food ingredients go into each treat – no fillers, soy or grains.

Bearnola Bites

Crafted with wholesome ingredients you’d find in mom’s kitchen pantry, like cranberries, peanut butter, honey and oats. Made without wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, each crunchy cluster is bursting with irresistible aroma and taste. Plus, Bearnola Bites are perfectly sized for training or just for fun.

Einstein Treats

A low-calorie treat made from original recipes in small batches. Natural Organic Ingredients. Sourced and Made in the USA.

Get Naked Treats

Beneficial and multifunction treats for digestive care, joint care, skin & coat care, fitness and calming. Puppy and senior formulations.

Give Pet Treats

Grain-free, healthy, premium treats. Domestic, 100% natural ingredients. For every bag sold, the same premium treats are given to shelters to share.

New England Naturals Treats

Small batch treats made with locally sourced all-natural ingredients.

Health Extension Treats

Health Extension refuses to use anything that might compromise your pet’s health, such as fillers, by-products or rendered animal fats. They also avoid artificial preservatives, colors or flavors of any kind.

Remy's Kitchen Treats

Remy's Kitchen meat has no added Hormones or Antibiotics. Their Superfood Snacks are created with the freshest ingredients for the health of your dog.

Twistix Treats

Unique treats in stick form.